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What good is a big tent that doesn’t cover the base?


I just wanted to play Battletech this week. But then everyone decided this would be a good week to make a lot of news. So let’s go through it, one by one. 1. Scott Avedisian: From Mayor to RIPTA Avedisian has confounded me of late. I’m not the only one to point this out, but […]

In 2010, General Treasurer Frank Caprio likely had then-state Representative Joe Trillo pass a message to the GOP candidate John Robitaille: drop out, so you don’t spoil things for me against Lincoln Chafee. Just over a month later, the RI GOP chairman responded, suggesting Caprio drop out in favor of Robitaille and not act as […]

If there are too many candidates running for governor, Rhode Island should nurture this diversity of choice, not attempt to restrict it.

The Providence Journal rails against the special interests engaging in politics while pretending it’s not a special interest engaging in politics.

There were a few points that I want to expand on or that I didn’t include in the last post. First, more charts! Providence Crime Data from 1985-2016 WPRI’s Dan McGowan got in contact with me to note that my assertion that the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report doesn’t have data more recent than 2014 was […]

If we lived in a rational world, Allan Fung would’ve just disqualified himself from the governorship with this video where he states “Providence is not the same Providence I grew up in,” alluding to a recent spate of violence in the capital city, and then pinning the blame on Governor Raimondo. As former┬áJournal reporter Mike […]