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Why the conventional wisdom on Joe Trillo is likely right

Joe Trillo isn’t going to be the Trump of the 2018 Rhode Island gubernatorial race.


This Won’t Make RI Happy

Rhode Island’s tourism campaign has had a rocky roll-out. The new logo has not been warmly received. Despite a kind review from Armin Vit, over half of voters on the logo review website Brand New have been cool to it, with an overwhelming majority feeling negatively about the tagline (“Cooler and Warmer”). The problems with the‘s […]

The Troubling Nature of 38 Studios and RI Politics

One of things that’s troubled me in the release of the 38 Studios documents is that beyond Corso’s failure to register as a lobbyist, the deal doesn’t appear to have been done illegally. Speaker Fox, Rep. Constantino, and Governor Carcieri pushed for it, Stokes and the EDC made it happen, Schilling took the money and then […]

The Troubling and Confusing Nature of Voter Turnout in RI

This morning I accidentally kicked over a hornets’ nest when I chastised on Twitter what I called “voter scolds” who complain about not enough voters turning out. With the May 5th special election primary having happened and the UK General Election coming up, these types of articles decrying low turnout are particularly pernicious. Especially here in […]

Bad Arguments in Favor of the PawSox Move

I’ve seen some pretty atrocious lines of argument in favor of building a stadium in Providence, and rather than give each one its own bit of time, I’ll just condense them here. Sports teams can’t fail Yes, they can. In fact, the Pawtucket Red Sox have already gone bankrupt once. And when teams fail, it often means […]

The PawSox Are Trying to Extort Rhode Island

Our proposal represents a good faith effort to propose a way for the state and the city to help support the new owners in their efforts to keep the team in Rhode Island -Jim Skeffington, PawSox President It’s hard to take Skeffington at his word when he says something like that, simply because Skeffington is […]

Thirsty Thursday – March 18, 2015

Still working off that St. Patrick’s Day hangover? Try some of this sweet link-nectar. International At least 19 people were killed in Tunisia’s Bardo Museum by unknown gunmen. Two gunmen were killed, but not identified. One possibility is that this is spillover from neighboring Libya’s multi-party civil war. I don’t have too much more to say […]