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Why the conventional wisdom on Joe Trillo is likely right

Joe Trillo isn’t going to be the Trump of the 2018 Rhode Island gubernatorial race.


Thank You to RI’s Canvassers

Quite a lot of my good friends are either activists or people deeply involved in politics. A lot of them come out of a tradition of canvassing, perhaps the most important function of a political campaign. I don’t. I once went to an interview at one of the PIRGs, and on the elevator out, two […]

Why You Should Focus On Election Reforms That Make A Difference

Pew Research released a poll surveying Americans’ feelings about the 2014 midterms, and down at the bottom were the responses from those who didn’t vote. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog made a handy chart of their responses. Now, here’s the thing, Wonkblog decided to split this into two categories: structural reasons and personal reasons (you’ll see that if you click […]

Graph of RI House Vote Totals

How Did Republicans Gain 5 Seats In The House With The Fewest Votes Ever?

The most fascinating story not yet told in the 2014 elections isn’t the issue of whether or not Healey spoiled Fung’s chances or how the Democrats swept all the statewide races for the first time since 1960. It was that the Republicans gained seats in the RI House of Representatives despite earning their fewest votes since […]

Reforming Rhode Island Elections

There were a couple of discussions of election reforms tossed around recently that I just have to respond to: 1. Do We Need Runoff Elections by Patrick Laverty Laverty argues that runoff elections aren’t needed, whether they come in the traditional form of a subsequent runoff election or in the faster instant-runoff voting (IRV) method — […]

On the Results of the 2014 Elections

Healeymania: In his best showing for Governor of the four times he’s run, Bob Healey won two towns outright and secured an unforeseen 22% of the vote (for a measly $35 of campaign spending). This was not his best showing ever; that remains four years ago in 2010 when the Republicans essentially withdrew to make […]

Independent Man RI

Nearly 3/4ths of the Next General Assembly Will Win Today Just By Breathing

Most Rhode Islanders will turnout this Election Day with an eye on the big races. While I don’t want to downplay the importance of the vote for Governor, the reality is that the most important vote for the majority of Rhode Islanders will basically have already been cast. Out of 113 seats, 83 will face […]